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Fireworks are a familiar sight around some of our holidays. Fireworks present an explosion and heat hazard. Than can cause physical injury or danger to the person using them or watching them.

Here are some tips:

  • Obey all State and local laws regarding fireworks, illegal means illegal
  • Fireworks and alcohol are not a good combination
  • Fireworks are not a toy. Over the counter fireworks should only be used as intended by the manufacturer and as directed with parental supervision. Follow all the instructions and the cautions on the label
  • Never aim a firework at someone else or an animal, when setting off the firework do not stay close once lit
  • Do not alter the use of fireworks and do not use them in confined spaces or inside of other objects
  • When using fireworks make sure that weather conditions are safe such as being too dry with the possibility of causing a fire
  • Sparklers burn at very hot temperatures, you should be at least 12 years old to handle sparklers and they should be kept away from young children
  • Do not use sparklers or fireworks indoors
  • If you fireworks make a loud noise keep them away from pets whose hearing my be sensitive to the noise
  • Use good common sense. Fireworks are not toys. Respect the danger that is inherent with heat and explosions.
  • Do not run or play with fireworks
  • Keep water and a wet towel nearby
  • Buy only from licensed retail outlets
  • If you are not a professional do not use professional grade fireworks.