Candle Safety

Candle Safety Tips

  1. Candles that burn fast and drip a lot are more dangerous than ones that burn slowly and efficiently.
  2. Never have a candle where a child or pet may get to it. They may get burned or knock it over and start a fire.
  3. When you place a lit candle in your home, keep it away from any combustible material.
  4. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Especially, if you are leaving your home or going to bed. Blow out candles when you leave your room or go to sleep. 
  5. Do not use an aerosol can near a candle.
  6. Always use a secure holder for your candle and place the holder on a non-flammable surface. Make sure the candle is secure in the holder. Do not let candles burn down all the way
  7. Remember a holder such as a votive cup will be hot, so do not touch it with the candle lit or soon after. Let it cool before disposing of the used candle.


This is the proper way to burn a 
candle. These candles are secured by 
glass containers. 


However, these candles are not 
secured by the proper candle-holding 
materials needed for safety.