Halloween Safety



Halloween is meant to be spooky and fun but it's also important to keep it safe for your children, your friends and yourself. Mundy Township wishes to help make this holiday safe for our residents.


Tip #1

When using homemade items for a costume make sure they are fire safe. For example, a simple costume made from an ordinary bed sheet can be consumed by flames if ignited. When you purchase a costume make sure it is a flame-retardant costume and mask. To prevent your child from tripping or falling make sure the costume and the mask provide for free movement and allow for full vision. 



Tip #2

If you go door to door trick or treating always carry a flashlight and wear something reflective. When going from house to house keep to the side of the road or street on the shoulder or side walk. When crossing the street take off your mask and look both ways and make sure it is clear to cross. Travel in groups and stay with your group.

Tip #3

The purpose of Halloween is to get candy or treats. Have all treats checked carefully before you eat them. While you are traveling, we recommend that you do not eat your treats. Wait until you get home and in the light and always check your treats before eating them.

Tip #4

When carving your pumpkin or jack-o-lantern use proper knife safety with adult supervision. We do not recommend an open flame in your jack-o-lantern but use a small light or liquid light.



Tip #5

Haunted Houses are fun and are made to be scary. They can be dangerous. There should be clear exits that can be used in case of a fire. Materials used should be non-flammable or flame resistant. Items such as gauze, leaves, styrofoam, papers, and open flames used as props or decorations should not be used. Haunted Houses can be dangerous if they are too confining and make a confined space with limited exits. They should be well supervised, and operators should have plans to evacuate all participants safely if a problem occurs. There should also be plans to make the haunted house well lit in case of a problem.  Exits should never be blocked and remain lit to allow for evacuation.