Officer Assignments


Andres, Bruce, Ofc. University of Michigan - Flint Public Safety 762-3333
Argillander, Al, Insp. DHS/Federal Protective Service   766-5198
Ash, Michael, Ofc. Owosso City Owosso Schools 989-725-0580
Atkinson, Dan, Chief Mundy Twp.   655-4646
Baughman, Bill, Ofc. Mt. Morris City Mt. Morris Schools   691-9716 
Belanger, Amy Tpr. Michigan State Police Community Service Tpr. 732-1111
Benford, Jim Kettering University Director Campus Safety 762-9899
Boyer, Jenifier Genesee County Emergency Management Manager   424-4403
Burchett, Tim, Ofc. Argentine Twp. Linden Schools  
Clark, Herm / Baker, Dennis LEORTC   232-2647
Clinton, Brian, Insp. DHS/Federal Protective Service   766-5061
Clolinger, Paul School Security Davison MS 653-0398 #2161
Clolinger, Rick, Deputy Chief Mundy Twp.   655-4646
Craig, Tony, Chief Richfield Twp.   653-3565
Engel, Ken, Ofc. Argentine Twp. Linden Schools 591-0447
Fitch, Krysten Federal Investigative Services Special Agent 733-1170
Fridline, Judy GISD Health & Safety 591-5592
Ogle, Brian, Ofc. Mundy Twp. Carman-Ainsworth MS 591-6226
Galloway, Melissa, Lt. Richfield Twp.   653-3565
Gross, Dennis, Ofc. Burton City Atherton, Bendle, Bentley 742-2542
Grzanka, Jerome, Sgt. Flint Twp. Carman-Ainsworth  600-3250
Guigear, Nate, Det. Grand Blanc City Grand Blanc HS 591-1592
Hall, Ray University of Michigan - Flint Director Public Safety 762-3333
Heath, Robert, Captain Genesee County Sheriff's Office   768-7928
Hough, Jim, Ofc. Flushing Twp. Flushing HS 591-3766
Ihm, Rhonda Genesee County Probate Court  Intake  768-7088 
Joseph, John Baker College - Flint Director Campus Safety 766-4103
Juvenile Bureau Flint PD   237-6824 
Kendall, Cedric, Ofc. Mott Police Mott Middle College 232-8781
Kramer, Steve, Tpr. Michigan State Police Community Service Tpr. 732-1111
Lambert, Brian U.S. Secret Service   989-497-0580
Lutz, Christine, Ofc. Mundy Twp. Genesee Career Institute 591-3288
Mabry, Nick, Ofc. Flint PD Flint Schools 237-6824
Maguire, Scott, Ofc. Montrose Twp. Montrose Schools 639-5400
Mayes, David, APA   Genesee County Prosecutor   257-3895  
Meeks, Tanya, Sgt. Flint PD   237-6824
Miller, Dale School Security Director Davison HS 591-1036 
Moffit, Kurt, Ofc. Durand PD Durand Schools 989-288-3113 #213
Mynsberge, Tom  Critical Incident Management   989-686-1714 
Olsey, Michael, Ofc. Owosso City

Owosso Schools 


Oppenheiser, Dorothy GISD

Health, Safety & Nutrition 


Paul, Nick, Ofc. Swartz Creek City

K 9 


Rhind, Chris, Lt. Grand Blanc City



Riley, Robert Federal Investigative Services

Special Agent-In- Charge 


Schmidt, Mike, Ofc. Clio City

Carter MS


Sepanak, Bruce, Ofc. University of Michigan - Flint

Public Safety 


Sheldon, Jill GISD

Energy & Safety 


Smith, Phil, Lt. University of Michigan - Flint

Public Safety 


Snodgrass, Gerald, APA Genesee County Prosecutor



Stiehl, Patrice GISD Attendance Liaison Ofc. 591-4409
Stokes, Janelle, Ofc. Flint Twp. Carman-Ainsworth HS 591-5573
Swartz, Jon, Ofc.  Grand Blanc Twp. GB East MS  591-3596
Szmansky, Ken, Ofc. Swartz Creek City Swartz Creek Schools 591-1867
Theede, Scott, Sgt. Grand Blanc Twp. GB Middle Schools 424-2611
Ulshafer, Ryan, Dep. Genesee County Sheriff's Office GISD / County Schools 591-4972
Urbina, Kim, Ofc. Flushing Twp. Flushing MS 591-2800
Wehrli, Alan, Ofc. Davison Twp. Davison HS 591-3531 #1272
Wheeler, Michael, Ofc. Owosso City Owosso Schools 989-725-0580
Witham, Rick, Chief Clio City   686-5010
Wolschleger, Dan, Ofc. Grand Blanc Twp. GB West MS 591-7343
Younger, Henry Flint PD School Safety 760-5478
Zuwala, Matthew, Ofc. Kettering University Campus Safety