Elected Officials

The Township Board, as a whole, welcomes you to this page of the website to find out more about the people that you have elected, to serve you.

There are many talents that this Board brings to the table to make the day-to-day operations of the Charter Township of Mundy run smoothly. It is their combined goal to make Mundy Township an enjoyable place to raise children, live in and effectively run a business.


         SupervisorTonya Ketzler   tonya.ketzler@mundytwp-mi.gov


       Clerk Pic 2CLERK

         Cory Bostwick   cory.bostwick@mundytwp-mi.gov


            Dennis Owens   dennis.owens@mundytwp-mi.gov

             Mark Gorton            mark.gorton@mundytwp-mi.gov

                                             Kimberly Jimenez    kim.jimenez@mundytwp-mi.gov
                                             Debra Ridley             debra.ridley@mundytwp-mi.gov

                                             Kyle Ward                  kyle.ward@mundytwp-mi.gov